Four Custom Things You Can Get At Sublimation House

We're busy churning out great designs for you from our Nevada location. We've been working the whole way through the pandemic, and we're still dedicated to helping communities dig out from the worst of the novel coronavirus that hit us like a ton of bricks last March!

Here are some of the great things we're putting together to help you to use e-commerce to outfit your family with seasonal apparel and accessories. You just might see something here that you can’t do without!


When the nights still get chilly, you can use our custom blankets to snuggle up and conserve body heat. We have our custom print designs and artist collections and much more, to give you a better way to dress up a bedroom or other space, or bring your blanket with you on the go, wherever that may be.


Hooded sweatshirts are all the rage – enjoy ours with our proprietary designs and patterns to catch the eye of people near you. Warm up your head on a cold night, and rock the styles that inspired a generation.

Tank Tops

There's nothing for summer like the open feel of a tank top for jogging, exercising or just enjoying the outdoors.

We sell a lot of these with the same kinds of great designs that we’re known for here at Sublimation House. It's a thoughtful approach that involves some of the best principles of graphic design and “visibility science,” as we sometimes call it. Just as a joke. But in reality, visuals make a difference in your day, and that’s part of our design philosophy, too.

Face Shields

Want to be the coolest person in the office?

Yes, we know that a lot of workplaces have this kind of gamesmanship, where people want to have the coolest clothes or the coolest gear. Personal protective equipment is just the newest frontier in these fashion wars, and we're here to give you the firepower you need to conquer the competition. Rep your favorite sports team, or reveal yourself as a part of “team Griffindor” or proudly display some type of icon representing your favorite hobby.. Express yourself!

Find more on our web site. Don’t be afraid to dig around. Check out our VIP special offers and more – because we want you to have a good time! Enjoy a more colorful future while buying from a small, local business and not a huge mammoth corporation. We like to think of ourselves as a boutique designer with no borders – so come in and browse.

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