Masks and Much, Much More

by Small Business SEO on April 20, 2020

You've heard a lot about masks over the past few weeks. Everyone's clamoring for them – protective facemasks to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19. In yesterday's market, mostly the only people using masks were doctors and nurses, or construction workers, and these products really weren't very much in demand. But things change.

So, where do you get your protective face masks? We have them, and we're able to ship directly from our Nevada shop to get you eye-catching and inspiring patterns with our custom dye operations. We have a wide selection for around $10 each, with different styles for different faces, and a durable, quality build. 

What We Do

Our masks are just one example of the custom projects that we create for customers based on specialized dying and color injection processes. We've started this business organically from our Henderson, Nevada location, and we're proud to bring new opportunities to buyers in terms of specialized custom manufacturing in a small scale environment, where craftsmanship is important. 

We're not a sweatshop! 

While the trends over the last few decades have involved turning garment and textile industries (and many other fields) into a cut-throat race to the bottom, we've been going in the other direction: toward small, local, sustaining businesses where everyone is valued. 

We all know intuitively about the power of using local businesses. That's what we're about here, and we have carefully built our business model around quality. That's not something you're going to see when you order from the big-box stores or massive drop shippers online.

The new coronavirus scare has changed our world in more ways than one. Of course, masks are very much in demand. But so are small, organic, sustainable business models that will stand the test of time. We will emerge from this crisis stronger and find new ways to support each other with innovation. For example, distilleries that are now producing hand sanitizer and retailers able to offer nervous stay-at-home customers projects and activities to help pass the time – we're doing our part, and we're happy with our business model and what we offer. 

Check-in if you have a vision – we can help make it happen! Due to the high demand for face masks, our normal 5-7 business days for shipping is currently an 11 - 14 business days for shipping. We are here to help you to craft what you need for the future.