Special Collections and More at the Sublimation House

by Flavored PB CO on February 23, 2021

+We are working all the time at Sublimation House to come up with innovative designs and special products from our warehouse in Nevada. Here are some of the big things we’re working on day to day as we create excellent products for our customer base.


First Responders Collection


Want a great way to honor fire or police personnel, or EMS workers?


We've created this line of attractive first responder masks and supplemental products to give a shout out to those who are on the front lines of emergency situations. Working on large volumes, we strive not to sacrifice quality when turning out these facemasks and other products, which are great as gifts, or for local promotions of the people who help keep us safe. People love the color designs and the sturdiness of these masks, and we’re getting quite a lot of orders throughout the pandemic, as our heroic healthcare people work to deliver much-needed vaccine to the public.


Awareness Campaigns


Our “awareness” collections feature various kinds of face masks and apparel that give the nod to awareness around specific conditions that challenge our population in modern society. You can find autism awareness and breast cancer awareness items, as well as other types of campaigns aimed at raising the public level of knowledge about some of these challenging epidemics. Visuals are important, and that’s part of what’s behind our designs as we work together with advocates to create more visibility around life-saving and life-improving campaigns.


Artist Collections


We also feature specialized individual artists like Pierre Lucero from Aurora, Illinois. In our Pierre Lucero collection, you'll see the artist’s trademark pastiche signature in the delightful patterns and shapes and colors represented in this product line. We had fun putting this lineup together, and we think it exemplifies the kind of creativity that drives modern design in a world where, again, the visual presentations we use in our lives make a difference in creating quality impressions.


We’re working away to get the products that you want to you! You can get a window into this activity through our web site videos that show some of our unique process. Check the website for updates, and don't be afraid to drop us a line with any questions that you have about getting your custom apparel and print products shipped from our Las Vegas office. We want to create a conversation with you, and allow our customers to source products from a small, local business with an excellent reputation in the community!




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