The Right Way to Wear a Face Mask for Superior Protection

by Small Business SEO on August 18, 2020

Unless you are in the medical field, there’s a good chance you never had a reason to wear a face mask. However, now that it is the era of COVID-19, protective face masks are highly recommended by experts and considered the “new norm.”

Unfortunately, since so many people are not used to wearing these masks, they may not know how to wear them. Keep reading for some helpful tips regarding wearing a mask, caring for your mask, and staying healthy.

Completely Cover Your Mouth and Nose

A face mask is a great way to protect yourself and other people from coronavirus. However, they only provide this protection if you wear them correctly. When you put on this mask, be sure that it covers your entire mouth and nose.

These are the parts of your body where the virus can be shared. Make sure the mask you wear fits comfortably on the bridge of your nose. Depending on your nose’s shape, it may low a little above or below this location. According to some doctors, the goal when wearing a mask is to ensure most of your nose, and your entire mouth is covered with your mask.

The Mask Should Fit Snugly and Comfortably

When you wear a mask, it will take some getting used to. However, it should never prevent you from being able to breathe properly. You shouldn’t have an uncomfortably tight mask, but it is good to ensure there aren’t any gaps between your face and the mask you are wearing. Some smaller gaps are normal and completely unavoidable, but the fewer you have, the better. The goal of the mask is to provide a protective shield on your face.

Wash Your Hands After Putting On or Touching Your Mask

Putting on a clean and protective face mask won’t be beneficial if you touch the inside of it with your dirty hands. If you want to keep your mask sanitary, be sure to wash your hands for around 20 seconds with warm water and soap. You can also use an alcohol-based sanitizer before you put it on. Make sure only to touch the mask by the ties to avoid contamination.

When you are out and about, be sure to avoid cross-contamination. This occurs if you touch your mask under the surface or if you touch another surface and then touch your mask.

Finding the Right Mask Matters

When it is time to purchase a mask, be sure you find one that will fit well. Buying from a quality service provider who makes quality masks is the best course of action. If necessary, look at the sizing chart that will help you determine the proper size for your needs or your kid's needs.

Being informed and knowing the right way to wear and care for your mask will help you keep yourself healthy and others. Keep this mind as time passes to avoid any serious issues.


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