Three Cool Initiatives at Sublimation House

One of our biggest projects right now revolves around our collaborations with our partners. 

You can go to the website and see our featured artists proudly displayed on our products, and learn a little more about how this type of joint project works. We've also partnered with other local businesses to offer designs and ideas that put local businesses first. It’s been fun – but we’re just getting started!


Another place where we’ve really been getting some traction is with our #VegasStronger hashtag.

As we’re digging out of some of our coronavirus challenges, Vegas people and Vegas businesses are resilient. We're casting an eye toward the future and working together to make things better. That's what our hashtag campaign is about, and you can see it on the street, or online.

The campaign illustrates a lot of what’s great about this community. You’ve heard that “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” but it’s not all just glitz and glamour and impromptu wedding chapels! We and others leverage our history as a destination to keep Vegas alive and well inthe COVID era. We do that through understanding where we come from, who’s with us, and again, the power of honest and fair collaboration in a local economy. 

Custom Projects

Throughout all of this, we are continuing to offer our customers the ability to create what they want and make their plans a reality. Our easy website means you can hop in and get what you need without a lot of runaround. 

Our custom projects bring the color and brilliance of our presses to you. The ability to design what you want, and have it made on a durable product with colors that won't run or drip, is a big value to many of the people who visit our site from around the country.

We’re excited about our industry and how we fit into it. This is an era of challenge, but it's also an area of opportunity. People are getting resourceful and figuring out new ways to do things. And that's driving local economic progress, but it's also driving progress at a national level. So we continue to hope for a great recovery for everybody! And we’ll keep doing what we’re doing, which is working well.On our web site, be sure to take a look at the pre-made masks, towels, blankets and more, while researching your own design on our site. Thanks for shopping!

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