Pierre Lucero (born August 31, 1993) is a freelance artist, co-founder of art collective Abnormal Perspective, animator, muralist, & apparel designer from Aurora, IL, USA. Self taught, using mediums ranging anywhere from acrylics, colored markers, pen & ink, watercolors, graffiti, & graphite to capture an exploding psychedelic mix of eccentric artwork.

Born & raised in Aurora, Pierre has always been fascinated by the limitless possibilities & reality altering properties that artwork could portray. Pierre works traditionally to create his original artwork, averaging a time span anywhere between 12-18 hours to complete a piece. Inspired by bright colors, figure drawing, animals, skulls/bones, guts, cartoons, melting objects, space, nature, & anything out of the ordinary. Pierre continues to push the boundaries of imagination into his artwork, like something from a colorful nightmare, teetering on the thin line between playful & twisted. You can learn more about Pierre & his artwork through the social media handles provided below. Currently, Pierre is closed for commission but is willing to make an exception for those who have wall space for large murals (indoor or outdoor).

Instagram: @PierreLucero | Facebook: Pierre Lucero Art | TikTok: @PierreLucero
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