Meet Our Team

Who we are

The Sublimation House is a full on custom sublimation production facility. We specialize in custom sublimation cut & sew apparel and accessories. We are proud to be able to say all our products are made in the USA. Based out of Las Vegas, NV.

The journey so far!

We are excited to announce we have moved from our 3400 Sq/Ft. Shop into our new 7400 Sq/Ft Shop!


We have been anticipating this move for a few months and finally found the perfect building. We took our blueprints and our ideas to create a new workspace that was efficient and spacious for our team and production process.

New Beginnings

Before we moved in, we had to add a ton of electrical components for all of our equipment we use to produce our products. We even built out a full room for our printing equipment to ensure the quality of our work.

We are here to bring your ideas to life!

- @TheSublimationHouse

Our values

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